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There can be any number of reasons you need to sell a property quickly, we are here for whatever that may be. We’ve helped thousands of customers just like you, we can buy any home anywhere in the United Kingdom whatever condition that they may be in.

We would love to talk about how we could help, there are no obligations and we pride ourselves on honest advice to help what is best for you.

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Our memberships are more than badges, we rigorously follow the standards and best practices of the industry. We’re also founding members of the NAPB.

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paper and penOnce you’ve filled in the form we will get in touch nearly instantly, we will discuss options with you and anything you talk to us about will remain confidential.

Once we have some basic information we’ll make an offer for your home. The process is fast and simple and no one will come to your house and there will not be for sale sign.

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TickIf you decide to accept our cash offer for your house we will begin the next steps. You are in control, you get to decide when you want to proceed with the exchange. The whole process is to help you sell your house quickly and efficiently.  You’ll get some paper work outlining the offer, at any stage if you have questions we are available and here to help with the whole process.

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Customer Reviews

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Speed Property Buyers were extremely polite and professional at all times and helped us solve difficult situations if and when they arose.

Shirley Horandi

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I wanted to sell my house, and I was very pleased with Speed Property Buyers’ we buy any house service. Very quick. Kept us involved all through the sale.

Karen Sedgbeer

We’ve been working in the quick house sales market for decades, in that time we’ve seen a lot of things and learned a thing or two. We’ve outlined below some common questions and answers. If you dont find what you’re looking for get in touch and we’d be delighted to help get to the bottom of anything you would like to know.

Note: We’ve updated this page November 2021 with the latest information.

Below you can find out (contents) about:


We Buy Any Home Any Condition, Honesty & a Cash Offer Guaranteed!

We buy any house, in any condition, anywhere from London, Birmingham, Leeds and anywhere in the United Kingdom!

We can purchase any type of property, from flats to bungalows, cottages, apartments and houses. We also buy properties that are vacant, dilapidated, probate property, let and/or needing renovation, even if you are selling a house with Japanese knotweed.

We can complete the whole process in as quickly as 5 working days – the timescale is completely up to you.

Really Any House?

Sell House Fast in the UKYes, webuy houses! from probate to cladding, top floor or bottom it doesn’t matter to us. We have a lot of experience dealing with subsidence and ex-coal mining properties with mine shafts too. We’ve helped people with properties that have flood damage or are in a flooding risk zone. Whilst some property can be a bit more tricky to deal with but we’re very friendly and you’ll never be pressured into using our we buy any house service. You’ve got nothing to lose from taking 2 min to fill in the contact form and finding out what our cash offer could be.

We can complete (guaranteed sale) the whole process in as quickly as 5 working days – the timescale is completely up to you.

We are a genuine buyer of properties, this means we can buy properties for cash. We dont mess you around unlike other companies trying to find a buyer, we are the buyer! We’re more than happy to discuss the process but we will normally buy the property at less than market value which results in a speedy sale, the solution is not right for everyone but if you need a very fast sale with out the stress than we might be perfect!

How We Buy Houses Fast

We can buy any property and free up the equity locked away in your property, in as quickly as 5 working days.

You will be contacted immediately by our in-house valuation experts asking for some further information. Within 8 hours you will have a cash offer for your home.

The whole process is completely free and you won’t have to worry about any for-sale or sold boards. There is never any obligation or pressure.

Once we come to an agreement, we will instruct solicitors to finalise any legal work in relation to the sale. We use the best solicitors available to ensure the sale of your home proceeds quickly and effortlessly.

Our expert solicitors are a big reason of why we are able to agree a quick house sale. You are able to use your own solicitors but there this can take longer to achieve a faster house sale.

map of houses bought

We’ll Buy Your House in a Time Frame to Suit You

We can exchange contracts in less than 5 days, while looking to complete in a time frame that suits yourself. We know that moving can be stressful and we want to take care of the whole process for you, this means you can focus on the big picture letting us take care of the stress!

Speed Property Buyers will also buy land you own, and many properties that are suitable for conversion into other uses such as flats or commercial use. We can also help you stop repossession and offer you tips for selling at auction feel free to just ask.

Avoiding ‘We Buy Any House’ Scams

In these modern times, we’re bombarded with some form of scam or another, email scams, SMS scams and our phone ringing us telling us we’ve been in an accident! At some point or another, it has happened to us all. The internet is really no different. When you search for we buy any house companies many look legitimate and some are however, many are what is know as lead generation websites. What does this mean though? Well, it means that they’ll sell your data on to make money, they won’t directly have any ability to help you. If you’ve ever read the terms and condition it’ll mention passing data there, though who takes the time to read the policies?
Many of the top sites offering advice once again sell your data to ‘trusted’ partners. This is also a large reason why so many complaints about sales falling through, it’s happening because the companies and associates are not equipped to deal with properties and the market.
Some companies will offer high prices and hook you in and even tie you into a contract and drop the price when they cannot secure the property at that price. Do your research and ensure that you are working with a legitimate company. So, Beware of scams and websites that do not have funds to purchase your house.
There are plenty of adverts in the national press or online stating ‘We Buy Any House’ or ‘Cash in 24 hours’ – we urge sellers to be very cautious.


Signs of a scam

Beware of ‘advice’ if you can’t see how a website makes revenue it probably means your data is the product.

Many ‘cash for houses’ and ‘we buy houses’ scams can be avoided by doing a thorough background check on any company that claims to be in the business of buying or selling properties. Check quotes are legitimate if you can’t find them chances are they’re not real, yes that may well mean the queen doesn’t endorse that company! do a sense check it’s easy to make up quotes, if they’re too good to be true it may not be true. This can be the same for reviews, take a moment to look through their reviews. Have they all been received in a clump,? Does each person only give one review? if they are multiple reviews are they reviewing places all over the world? these can be signs that they are not legitimate reviews. Take a few min to look over the latest reviews too across different platforms.

Do they lack accreditation?

Many companies will post along the lines of ‘for information only’ aka. mitigating responsibility. Are they members of the NAPB or the property ombudsman? Many will say they do not need accreditation or that you do not need to see it, this should send alarm bells ringing, accreditation gives you a bit of a safety net that they will be adhering accreditation to codes of practices.

Are they a real company?

Many companies will post along the lines of ‘for information only’ aka. mitigating responsibility. Are they members of the NAPB or the property ombudsman? Many will say they do not need accreditation or that you do not need to see it, this should send alarm bells ringing, accreditation gives you a bit of a safety net that they will be adhering accreditation to codes of practices.

I’ve heard of subject to transaction but What is a “subject to” transaction?

A “subject to” transaction is when a company or person takes over the mortgage payments from the person who is selling their house. This strategy typically used by cash-for-homes companies, and is against the law. They’ll take over the mortgage and give back some cash but fail to pay them and they’ll take your house, stay far away from anyone offering this. We do not offer this nor would we recommend this.

Who Should Look for a ‘We Buy Any House’ Sale?

A lot of if you should use a quick house company to sell your house fast but the biggest is personal cicumstances, it is not a solution for everyone.

If you have equity and need to sell quickly or have tried an estate agent and it didnt work out then the service might work for you, this all assuming you’re willing not to accept full market price aswell.

Cash buying companies need to pay less for a property than they will sell it for – so usually pay around 80-85% of full market value. If they tell you they will pay 100% market value you should be on high alert.

If you are unable to sell on the normal market or you have a special reason to sell fast such as money worries, an unwanted inherited property, emigration etc. For sellers in this kind of situation, a professional cash buyer can work very well. You should never feel pressured into selling your home or pushed into uncomfortable arrangements. If you have any questions or concerns at Speed Property Buyers we’re here for you.

How much do ‘we buy any house’ offer?

When asking what percentage do we buy any house offer? You should have a figure in mind as due to the nature of quick property sales most we buy any home buyers will only pay around 85% of market value, some less and some more. caution should be taken for anyone trying to give a full market value.

Deciding on a Quick House Sale Company

Before you approach a cash buyer it;s a wise idea to check out their credentials. Although the industry is not regulated, there are ways to safeguard yourself and your property.

Many of the quick house sale scammers are advertising online and in reality have no business premises and little more than a website. It is well worth checking if the company has a address and offices, you can even look to see if they have a company number.

If you choose a cash buyer who is a member of NAPB you can be confident that they will be adhering to the Code of Practice and will treat you fairly and honestly. If the cash buyer is working purely as a broker, the company should be a member of The Property Ombudsman (TPOS).

Do not be tied into a long contract with the cash buyer. Estate agents work to 8-12 week time span and certainly a cash buyer should be working to much less – unless they don’t have adequate funds to pay you or are hiding the fact that they are acting as a broker. This is also often why there are sudden drops in offers at the last minute, something we never do.

Do not be in a hurry to sign until the survey and all the legal work have been completed. If the cash buyer says that the offer must be reduced because of what the survey has revealed, you are quite within y/our right to see the survey and shouldnt feel pressured, you can always shop around!


Who Do You Contact If You’re Unhappy with Your Cash Offer?

A home is more than a property, it can be hard to sell it especially under difficult circumstances. How do you put a price on memories, well this can be a really tricky subject esspeically if didnt get quoted what you wanted, remember you can always shop around but before then if possible it’s always a good idea to talk with the vendor directly first, talk abut what part of a deal you’re unhappy with.

They might be able to fix it and put everything right for you and then the problem is solved. If you cannot reach an understanding you can try services like the NAPB or The Property Ombudsman. If you’re having issue with the cash part of the deal then get in touch with The Property Ombudsman right away.

NAPB members adhere to a code of practice, if you use a cash buyer who is not a member you might find you’re in more trouble than it was worth to save shopping around.

Frequently Asked Questions

Never. You do not pay anything for our service and we provide (and cover the legal costs) the legal work and surveying for free. Estate agents and auctioneers have additional legal costs for using their serbice, we have not and never will charge legal fees or any other fee for using our service.

Other companies may cover costs up to a certain value, but using us is, and always will be, free of charge. It’s part of why we are the UK’s top property buying company.

Our initial offer is made within a few hours of your enquiry, and confirmed by independent valuations that we arrange at your earliest convenience.

This can vary depending on your availability but usually completed within a couple of days and all completely free.

We buy any house in the UK in any condition. It could be a flat, bungalow, house or commercial property – it doesn’t matter. If you want to sell it, we’re here to buy it.

The cash can be paid to you instantly via BACS once the legal work is completed.

The process usually takes about 2 weeks but we can complete in 5 working days provided there are no unforeseen problems.

Theres even more frequently asked questions on our dedicated pages, if you can’t find what you’re looking for get in touch.

Industry Regulators & Redress Schemes

We can answer all your questions about selling your home fast, either give us a call on 01903 331 599 or check out our FAQ’s.

The following links are regulators and redress schemes that are worth noting if you come across any issues dealing with property buying companies.

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