Selling a house with asbestos

Selling a house with asbestos

We’ve all heard about asbestos but do you know what is it?

Asbestos isn’t a modern material nor is invented by a man. Asbestos fibres are naturally occurring in the environment. Its properties are known to man for over 4000 years.

There are six different types of asbestos fibres – most popular in construction work – white asbestos (chrysotile), brown asbestos (amosite), blue asbestos (crocidolite), anthophyllite, tremolite and actinolite. All but the last two were widely used in many industries – from construction steam engines through house building to use in hospitals ( the fibre was used to make blankets to warm patience up quickly!)

Up until 1999 when asbestos was completely banned in the UK the hazardous material was commonly used in floor tiles and ceiling tiles, as well as roofing materials. Asbestos is fire resistant and does not conduct electricity, it seemed like a perfect material to use in the construction industry until health concerns were raised.

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What does asbestos look like and where to find asbestos?

Asbestos is a very versatile material. It can look like an industrial version of a marshmallow. Its fibres are rough though and can be formed as required. The most common places you can find asbestos in residential properties are floor tiles, ceiling tiles like those used for suspended ceilings, pipes and insulation (known as AIB – asbestos insulation board). Asbestos is also commonly found in corrugated roofing sheets.

What are the dangers of having asbestos in the home?

In 1999 UK government banned using any type of asbestos in construction work, but many houses build pre-1999 can be made using some form of asbestos.

The problem is that you may not know that you’ve been exposed to asbestos for years as it takes a long time from asbestos exposure to possible health issues to become apparent. Asbestos found in residential properties if in good condition does not need to be removed. The removal is not legally required but it needs to be maintained so it stays intact.

Asbestos removal could be more dangerous to human health if left undisturbed.

You can’t see or feel or smell asbestos. Professionals find the particles of asbestos dangerous.

Asbestos fibres, when inhaled, will affect lungs and lungs lining. There are many asbestos-related illnesses. Some of them are non-cancerous and in some instances, asbestos can cause lung cancer.

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How to remove asbestos?

Asbestos removal is a job for a highly-skilled professional. If you suspect you have asbestos, order an asbestos survey and let a professional company deal with it. Sometimes it may be the best course of action to keep the asbestos if in good condition as removing it may be much more dangerous.

So once again – do not attempt to remove it yourself!

How to sell a property with asbestos?

Selling a house with asbestos can be tricky. It will estate agents longer to find potential buyers as they will most likely be scared of the harmful material. That’s totally understandable. You need to remember that if you are aware of the presence of asbestos you need to disclose that fact.

An alternative way of selling a property with asbestos

If you didn’t have much luck selling a house with asbestos the traditional way, there is another way. Quick and easy. Companies like SpeedPropertyBuyers have lots and I mean it – lots of experience with buying properties that have asbestos. Contact us today and our friendly team will explain every step of the process. We will provide you with a cash offer quickly as we’re using our own funds so no third party are involved. Selling the property to a professional property buyer is the best way if you need to move on quickly and hassle-free.

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