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Stop House Repossession

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Speed Property Buyers were extremely polite and professional at all times and helped us solve difficult situations if and when they arose.

Shirley Horandi

I wanted to sell my house, and I was very pleased with the we buy any house service. Very quick. Kept us involved all through the sale.

Karen Sedgbeer

How We Stop House Repossessions
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We’ll communicate with banks, solicitors, lenders and loan companies to stop them from repossessing your home.

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We will buy your house for cash and give you the choice of when you want to exchange and move out.

Free Repossession Help & Advice

Speed Property Buyers are committed to stopping house repossessions and have successfully helped thousands of people avoid repossession in the United Kingdom, through a quick house sale.

If you are unable to pay the mortgage or other secured loans against your property, you risk having your home repossessed.

Due to repossession laws this means that either your mortgage provider or lender will take possession of your home; you will then be evicted from your property with a repossession order.

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How We Stop Mortgage Repossessions

However, in many cases, repossessions can be stopped. You can use Shelter’s Advice Finder directory to help you find a local advisor.

They will help you:

  • Check your legal rights
  • Guide you through legal procedures
  • Help you negotiate with lenders or take further action

If you are worried about being repossessed, you should talk to one of our advisers immediately. Depending on your circumstances, you may be able to delay or even stop the repossession of your home.

Preventing House Repossessions & Procedures

Judges are keen to avoid repossession, they will look for reasons to help you and let you stay in your home.

There are a few ways you can convince the judge to suspend an eviction warrant. They include, but are not necessarily limited to the following reasons:

  • An arrangement to repay the arrears over time.
  • Time to sell your property fast, usually a 2 month extension followed by additional time if you can prove the sale is progressing.
  • The possibility of you receiving a lump sum of cash to repay the arrears, such as inheritance, equity release, sale of another property or valuable item.
  • A tenant in the property that still needs notice to leave the property.

The hearing usually takes place in an informal setting and not like you would probably imagine.

Another avenue you can take is the route of voluntary repossession, which is the process of stopping your mortgage payments, moving out of your home and voluntarily handing the keys to your mortgage provider.

One final alternative is to ask your mortgage provider for a ‘payment holiday’.

A mortgage payment holiday is an agreement between you and your lender that will allow you to temporarily reduce or stop your monthly mortgage repayments.

There is no need to worry as we can take care of all of this for you and help you avoid being repossessed, using our free house valuation and we buy any house service.

We can also save your home from being repossessed by using our selling at auction service.

Frequently Asked Questions

When the house is sold, costs have been settled and the debt has been repaid with the mortgage company, you’re entitled to keep any cash left over.

The money will be held for you by the court or by the mortgage company if you’re unavailable.

Sadly, when your home is repossessed your credit rating will be affected.

Which will likely mean you won’t get another mortgage.

Your name will be put on the possessions register, which is held by Equifax and Experian, the two biggest British credit reference agencies.

Simply, a postponed possession order is given when you’re able to convince the judge that you’re in the process of attempting to pay off the arrears on your home.

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