Frequently Asked Questions

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We frequently get asked questions about our property buying service and how the process works, explore the top questions below, or feel free to contact us directly.

Never. You do not pay anything for our service and we provide the legal work and surveying for free.

Other companies may cover costs up to a certain value, but using us is, and always will be, free of charge.

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There are never any costs with Speed Property Buyers it’s absolutely fee free, so that’s zero. There are certain companies that may look to charge you hidden costs for surveys or for solicitor costs. With us it’s an absolutely fee free service.

We buy any house in the UK in any condition. It could be a flat, bungalow, house or commercial property – it doesn’t matter. If you want to sell it, we’re here to buy it.

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We buy any type of property whether it’s a flat, house, bungalow or commercial. We will buy any type of property. If you want to sell a property just contact us, we will buy it.

We have vast cash funds at our disposal and purchase your property directly through a solicitor, who handles all the legal work.

We do not find a buyer for your property or get an investor involved, nor do we sell your details on to other property buying companies. It’s a straightforward, no-strings attached cash purchase.

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We buy your property with our own cash funds. Once we’ve agreed the transaction, we put it into solicitor’s hands who will deal with all the conveyancing process for you.

We do not find a buyer for your property. We do not get an investor for your property. We will deal with your property ourselves.

We do not pass your details onto anybody else. It’s only us and our cash that will buy your property. It’s as straight forward as that.

We’ll call you back as soon as possible to discuss an initial offer.

You’ll hear from us within a few minutes if you enquire during working hours, but if you enquire in the evening we’ll get back to you the next morning. One of our experts will have a friendly chat with you to discuss your situation and options.

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Once you’ve enquired to Speed Property Buyers one of our valuers will make contact with you and discuss your situation and give you the options that are suitable for you for a cash offer.

If you enquire in normal business hours we’ll endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

If it’s outside of business hours, it will be the next working day that one of our friendly advisors will get in contact with you to and discuss the cash solutions that we have.

We’ll make an approximate offer within a few hours of our initial chat, after researching your local market and similar properties.

We then organise two independent RICS surveyors to visit you and confirm our valuation at your convenience. We’re very accurate and normally there is no need to revise our offer.

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That is a good question that we get asked a lot, is how do we work out the value of your property.

We have in-house valuers that will look at the market trends, that will look at your local market, what is sold and what is un-sold. We have software that is available to us that banks and building societies can also use, to see the value of a local property.

We will then come back to you with an indicative offer, if at this stage you are happy with that. We will then instruct two local estate agents, who are the experts of your area, to come out and carry out a market appraisal on your property.

Once they have done that they send the reports back to us, we then send them on to you.

This establishes the market value for your property.

Our initial offer is made within a few hours of your enquiry, and confirmed by independent valuations that we arrange at your earliest convenience.

This can vary depending on your availability but usually completed within a couple of days.

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We generally turn round an indicative offer within a few working hours.

Once that offer is confirmed, we will then look to get our estate agents to your property and this generally takes around two working days.

Upon that you will then get a final fixed offer from us.

The cash can be paid to you instantly via BACS once the legal work is completed.

The process usually takes about 2 weeks but we can complete in 7 working days provided there are no unforeseen problems.

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Once we have formalised everything, a completion can be done within five working days. Where the transaction will be completed.

We have been helping people move home for over 20 years and have dealt with numerous house sales.

We rarely run into problems during this process, and if we do we will keep you informed the whole way. We know how to get things done smoothly and quickly.

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I’ve been in the property business for over 20 years.

Speed Property Buyers has been running since 2008, where we have helped thousands of homeowners.

As a company we have over 100 years property experience we can rely on.

Yes, but only a little. We take care of as much as possible, but you will be required to provide information for the solicitors.

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There is no paperwork that you have to fill out with ourselves.

The only paperwork you’ll have to fill out is what the solicitors will send you through.

Other than that it’s a very, very simple service that we offer you.

Absolutely. As we make cash purchases there is no need for marketing, so there are no “For Sale” boards or any online advertising, etc.

The only record of your house sale will be held with The Land Registry, which stores limited information of every UK property transaction as a legal requirement.

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Everything we do is one hundred percent confidential with the cash sale you may go through.

There will be no for sale boards, no sold boards, or any online advertising.

The only information that will be passed is that once the transaction has completed, your property sale obviously goes onto The Land Registry.

Other than that, it’s a one hundred percent confidential service that we offer you.