Selling a house with solar panels

Has the solar panel company gone bust?

It could be argued that the height of solar panel installations was before 2019 with the government’s feed-in tariffs scheme. This enabled many homes to get solar panels however, in the years since many solar-panel companies have gone bust meaning leased solar panels installed on houses are owned by businesses the homeowner is not even aware of. This causes further problems with mortgage lenders who won’t give a mortgage if you don’t own your own roof space. It is owned by another company that sometimes is not even in the UK. It can be very problematic and many sales have fallen through trying to track who owns the leased panels, and selling/buying properties with panels is difficult it’s not impossible.

Roof repairs?

Solar panels’ age is another factor, newer solar panels are easier to sell on and also have an easier to follow paper trail. However, solar panels tend to need to be replaced after 15 years and older models can be problematic as well as tracking down the paperwork that may well have been lost. In the frenzy of getting solar installed a lot of companies never checked the roof’s suitability to host the panels for the long term and there have been a lot of issues where whole roofs need to have been replaced due to damage caused by the heavy equipment and failure in checked suitability. there may be a requirement for a structural roof survey if this is the case when selling/buying a property with this problem.

solar panels
solar panels
solar panels

Some of the main problems when trying to sell a house with solar panels installed.

  • Leased solar panels
  • Roof damage caused by solar panels installed incorrectly
  • Paperwork

Struggling to sell?

Selling a house with solar panels should be beneficial as the new owner would take over the feed-in tariff payments if they are still ongoing which can help keep the costs of energy bills down. The is an alternative way to sell a house when traditional methods fail. Companies like Speed Property Buyers can buy the property from you for cash. It is a quick, convenient and more and more popular method of selling your house. So If you don’t have time to wait for all the paperwork to be gathered and lease owners found (it can often take around a year!) contact us today for an informal chat! Our fantastic team will be happy to answer any of your questions.

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