Weekly Property Speedbites | 7th – 11th, September, 2015

Speed Property Buyers weekly series covering topics from interior design to architecture. The aptly named series, Weekly Property Speedbites, is released every Friday.

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Monday, 7th of September

The Smarter Way to Protect Your New Home

A piece by rightmove.co.uk on the new way to protect your home from being robbed!

Student Co-ops Open Their Doors to Tackle Sky-high Accommodation Costs

Looking at the cost of being a student, theguardian.com have examined student co-ops as these students aim to tackle the high accommodation costs.

Hairdressers And Florists Will Have to Work More Than 150 Years to Put Down A Deposit For A House

telegraph.co.uk have written on Monday about the soaring property prices, and how long it would take you to afford a home in a certain profession.

Tuesday, 8th of September

The 26 sq Metre Cubes We’re Dropping Into London to House Homeless People

More from the website theguardian.com. The YMCA has came up with a great solution for helping out the London homeless population.

Five Common Inheritance Tax Myths Exploded

Once again theguardian.com has taken a look at a controversial issue – inheritance tax.

Tenant Stunned to Find Herself Described As ‘Bitch’ In Email From Agent

A bit of misfortune being reported in propertyindustryeye.com today. An Estate Agent was caught calling a customer a ‘bitch’.

Wednesday, 9th of September

Phil Spencer: On His Favourite House Hunter And Britain’s Best Beach Hut

Phil Spencer and the telegraph.co.uk, talk about loving a home versus investing in a property.

Mapped: Top Class University Towns For Buy-to-Let Property

Another article from the telegraph.co.uk – looking at the top investment spots in the UK for buy-to-let and university students.

Thursday, 10th of September

UK Mortgage Approvals For Homes Reaches 18 Month High

propertywire.com has shared some positive news for perspective home buyers, as mortgage approvals are now at a 18 month high.

House Prices In England And Wales See Biggest Monthly Boost For 12 Months

propertywire.com again today has released LSL index data, with news that house prices in England have seen the biggest rise in the past 12 months. Madness!

Southern Finalists Compete for Zillow Digs Design Awards

Interior designers and builders have entered zillow.com competition for the best looking and well designed digs.

Friday, 11th of September

Live In A Castle – Without Paying A King’s Ransom

The telegraph.co.uk reports that getting your own Castle might be easier than you think.

UK Housing Market Sees Growth Of Second Charge Lending

More news from propertywire.com. It seems from new research that second charge lending is on the rise in the UK.

How to Make Wood Tones Work for You

houzz.co.uk have shared their best pictures of wood tones used around the house. Interior design at its best.

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