Weekly Property Speedbites | 14th – 18th, September, 2015

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Monday, 14th of September

Britain’s Biggest Landlord Raises Rent 33% – And Blames Osborne

Rental news from the website lettingagenttoday.co.uk. Shocking rise in rent from Britain’s biggest landlord, a staggering 33% increase.

Scottish University Cities Offer Best Buy To Let Yields In The UK

Scottish cities with high student population offer the best buy to let yields in the UK, according to website propertywire.com.

Return to The Swinging ’60s In This Luxury Flat In The Beatles’ HQ

telegraph.co.uk have wrote a profile piece on the old hangout of the iconic band, The Beatles. The piece of history is now available to rent in London.

Tuesday, 15th of September

UK to Get New Buy to Let Index

More from the website propertywire.com. The UK is set to get a new buy to let index, good news for analysts looking at the UK property market.

UK House Prices Rise 2% in July

House price report from theguardian.com. A further increase of 2% in July, while the average increase was more than £1,000 a week in some places.

10 Pampered Pets and Their One-Of-A-Kind Homes

A great insight into animal lovers and their homes from houzz.co.uk. How does yours match up?

Wednesday, 16th of September

Inspiration Wednesday – Tenby

Property portal website rightmove.co.uk visited Tenby this week in their Inspiration Wednesday series.

Residential Property Sales Reach A Seven Year High In Scotland

Good news for home owners in Scotland from the website propertywire.com. Home sales have reached a seven year high for the country.

Strong UK Housing Market Delivers Record Year For Galliford Try

Another article from the telegraph.co.uk – house building is up, meaning Galliford Try profits are also on the up.

Thursday, 17th of September

113,000 Council Homes to be Sold to Pay For Right to Buy

theguardian.com and Shelter have published a report claiming that 113,000 are set to be sold off to help finance the Government’s right-to-buy scheme.

How Does UK Inheritance Tax Compare With That In Other Countries?

theguardian.com again today, and this time they have released a great infographic highlighting the UK inheritance tax law and other countries.

Housing Associations Could Add £60bn to National Debt Pile

Housing associations could add a whopping £60 BILLION to the national debt pile, according to the news outlet telegraph.co.uk.

Friday, 18th of September

First Time Buyers In UK Need Bigger Deposits Despite Help to Buy Scheme

The website propertywire.com reports that first time buyers in the UK need bigger deposits despite the Government’s Help to Buy scheme.

Research Shows Fewer Homes Being Built On Greenbelt In England

More news from propertywire.com. Under development on the greenbelt in the UK shows fewer homes being built on the English countryside.

Here’s a Bathmat You Can Actually Buy That’s Made Out of Living Moss

curbed.com have show cased an amazing bath mat made out of actual living moss. How cool is that?

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