Weekly Property Speedbites | 21st – 25th, September, 2015

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Monday, 21st of September

UK Reinvigorated Right to Buy Programme Hailed A Success

Right to Buy news from the website propertywire.com. The scheme has seen the UK gain 40,000 new home owners in the last three years. Enough to be called a success? This is yet to be seen.

‘Million’ New Homes Target Declared by Minister Brandon Lewis

A new target of a million new homes to be built in England has been declared by Brandon Lewis, according to the BBC.

£1 Million Price Tag For Average London Home By End Of 2020?

rightmove.co.uk have speculated whether the average London home will cost a staggering £1 million by the end of 2020.

Tuesday, 22nd of September

UK Asking Prices Reach New Record Of £294,834

More from the website propertywire.com. The UK house price index shows that the UK asking prices reach a new record of £294,834 in the UK.

Alec Baldwin Sells Small But Plush Greenwich Village Apartment

Great insight into Alec Baldwins world from zillow.com. He’s selling his amazing Greenwich Village Apartment.

New £16.95m River Penthouse Where You Can Canoe From Your Front Door

The telegraph.co.uk have released images from one of London’s most penthouses, where you can canoe from your front door!

Wednesday, 23rd of September

Average UK Flat Value Rises 60% In Past Decade

News outlet theguardian.com has revealed that the average UK flat has been steadily increasing in price since 2005 and now cost £233,400.

Revealed: The Best Postcode In England to Raise A Family

The telegraph.co.uk have revealed some of the best postcodes in England to raise a family.

Thursday, 24th of September

Dawn French Sells Her Cornish Holiday Let

rightmove.co.uk have showcased Dawn French’s Cornish holiday let, it has some very stunning interiors.

My Brother And I Are Struggling to Split Our Inherited House

theguardian.com Virginia Wallis has answered a question that plagues many families after a passing of a loved one, how do we split the interited property.

The Best Way to Help Young Home Buyers: Help The Old to Move

Nigel Wilson of the telegraph.co.uk has claimed the best way to help young buyers is to help the old downsize.

Friday, 25th of September

Top 5 Things to Look For If You Are Investing In Property

The website rightmove.co.uk have released their top 5 tops for investing in property in the UK.

House Price Gap Widest For 20 Years Between London And Other Cities

More news from theguardian.com. The house price gap in London is now at the highest for 20 years compared to other major UK cities.

Luna – A Beautiful, Realistic Moon Lamp for Your Home

huhmagazine.co.uk have show cased the beautiful luna lamp, that looks like a moon!

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