Weekly Property Speedbites | 28th – 2nd, September – October, 2015

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Monday, 28th of September

Labour Considers Biggest Social Housebuilding Drive Since 70s

The Labour party made headlines on Monday via, theguardian. The party want to build many council properties, the biggest seen since the 70s.

Are These The Most Expensive Student Digs In The World?

The telelgraph.co.uk have released a list of the most expensive student digs in the World, they are spectacular!

Northern Ireland Set to See Strongest House Prices Growth In UK In 2015

propertywire.co.uk have reported on Monday that Northern Ireland is set to see some of the strongest house price growths in the UK.

Tuesday, 29th of September

Banksy’s Dismaland Is Going To Calais To Provide Shelter for Refugees

From the trendy huhmagazine.co.uk. Banksy has claimed he will move his Dismaland piece by piece to Calais to provide shelter for refugees.

How to Build 50,000 Homes A Year In London

The telegraph.co.uk have released an article explaining how we can build 50,000 homes a year in London.

House Prices: Split In Property Values Widens

The bbc.co.uk report the ever widening North and South divide is gaining even more momentum.

Wednesday, 30th of September

House Price Chasm Between North and South Now ‘Widest Ever’ at £150,000

News outlet telegraph.co.uk has revealed that the price of a typical home in London is three and a half times more expensive than in parts of northern England.

Inspiration Wednesday – Blackpool

The great Inspiration Wednesday series from rightmove.co.uk has been released and this week it’s in the seaside town of Blackpool in the North West.

Monthly Residential Rents In Ireland Up 7.1% Quarter On Quarter

The website propertywire.com have reported good news for Irish landlords, as the national rent sees a 7.1% rise quarter on quarter.

Thursday, 1st of October

Clapham ‘Bed-Under-Stairs’ Advertised For £500 A Month

The BBC have reported that a bedroom in a cupboard under the stairs is charging £500 a month in rental fees.

I Want to go Into Property Development

The theguardian.com explain how to get into property development in modern day UK.

Friday, 2nd of October

London Renters Forced to Pay Much More Than They Can Afford

The website telegraph.co.uk have reported than London renters are struggling to keep up with payments as it’s a lot more than the average worker can afford.

A Poetic Vision of Paris’ Crumbling Suburban High Rises

Stunning pictures published by the washingtonpost.com. The amazing Paris skyline is showcased in this photographic series.

The Smartest Building in the World

bloomberg.com have shown off the smartest building in the World, do you agree?

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