Weekly Property Speedbites | 24th – 28th, August, 2015

Speed Property Buyers weekly series covering topics from interior design to architecture. The aptly named series, Weekly Property Speedbites, is released every Friday.

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Monday, 24th of August

Check Out This Swinging Midcentury Mod Reno in Miami

The website curbed.com treats us on Monday, with an insight into this stunning mid century property.

Bright Modern Kitchen With Smooth Lines and a Relaxed Vibe

Property website houzz.co.uk showcases how to make your kitchen bright and modern with their specialised design tips.

Reviews/Ratings. Do You Trust Them?

Geekestateblog.com have asked consumers an important question, do you trust online reviews?

Tuesday, 25th of August

First-Time Home Buyer’s Guide to Making an Offer

A complete guide to making an offer on a home, supplied by zillow.com. Learn the latest tips and tricks.

Why The Kitchen Should Be a Major Part Of Your Sales Pitch

Sarah Beeny and tepilo.com have explained why you should make the kitchen a major part of your selling pitch.

Gazumping Falls Overall in the UK Residential Property Market

Property news website Propertywire.com have found with new research that gazumping has fallen in the UK property market, good news for buyers!

Wednesday, 26th of August

15 Ways to Endear Yourself to a Mortgage Lender

Mortgage brokers and the telegraph.co.uk share their best tips for trying to secure a mortgage.

Average’ London Property Price to Hit £550k by 2020

The average London property price is set to hit £550,000 according to research posted on ftadviser.com. The peak will be reached by the year 2020.

Inspiration Wednesday – Llandrindod Wells

The amazing and creative series from rightmove.co.uk. This week they look at the town of Llandrindod Wells.

Thursday, 27th of August

Strong Mortgage Activity Boost for Scotland, Latest CML Data Shows

Propertywire.com report good news for Scottish home buyers, with the market showing strong activity and progression.

How Can We Fund An Extension?

Theguardian.com have wrote a piece on helping you fund an extension for your home that can boost the value and desirability.

Giuliana and Bill Rancic’s Remodeled Brownstone in Chicago

American website hookedonhouses.net have offered an insight into this stunning Chicago home and the changes it receieved.

Friday, 28th of August

Over Half a Million UK Home Owners Plan to Pay Off Mortgage with Pensions Pot

Website propertywire.com has reported that over half a million property owners are planning to use their pension pot to pay off their mortgage.

10 Most Popular American States for Private Commercial Real Estate Offerings

nreionline.com have released a cool graphic detailing the most expensive American States for commercial real estate, I can’t believe number one!

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