When Was My House Built?

How Do You Find out When Your House Was Built?

It’s time for the second instalment of our question and answer video series from the Zoopla Q & A section.

A popular question asked by many users – “when was my house built?”

Watch our quick and easy to understand video below narrated by Jeff Djevdet, Director of Speed Property Buyers.

How can you tell when your home was built

Video Transcription

This is a very interesting question, when your house was built. You may get asked this question by insurers, surveyors or solicitors.

There are some really key things that you can look out for, so maybe look at your skirting boards, look at your architrave around your doors, your cornicing, your windows, your roof, your chimneys and even the design of your property.

A lot of properties were built before World War One and then after World War Two. There were very few properties that were built in between.

If you still struggle to find out when your property was built, maybe speak to a local surveyor or even ask a local agent who may be able to give you the answer that you’re looking for.

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