Summer Garden

Summer Garden Hacks That Could Add Value to Your Home

Now that the weather is improving and the days are getting longer and warmer, it is time to get your garden ready for summer.

Sadly few of us have time to spend in the garden but these 11 hacks will definitely make your garden look tidier and more vibrant so that you will be able to enjoy it from your deck chair – as your neighbours peek enviously over the fence!

Garden Selling Tips

These speedy ideas are absolutely perfect if you are getting your home ready to put on the market too because a large unkempt garden can be really off putting as most buyers want to be able to move in and unpack before tackling jobs at a leisurely pace.

Many particularly attractive gardens have colour schemes, so before you start work, it is worth considering if you would like to have one which can be reflected in the colour of your terracotta pots, new flowers and even the cushions on your garden chairs.

1 – Give Everything a Haircut!

The first job to do is to have a really good tidy up of your garden. Be ruthless with any dead plants or bushes and get rid of them. Give your bushes and hedges a tidy up with the shears – it is amazing how this smartens everything up!

2 – Cut All the Edges of Your Flowerbeds

This does take a little time, but the effect makes it well worthwhile. Cut crisp new edges to your flowerbeds using an edge tidier or spade. Once you have done this gently fork the soil away from the edge to make it easier to cut the lawn next time.

3 – Paint Your Wooden Fence

All wooden fences benefit from a coat of protective wood treatment which is available in a range of different shades. The end result is a fence that looks just like new – and will last longer! If you have wooden decking, it could definitely do with a coat of wood preservative too and will look so much better for it.

4 – Spring Clean Your Flower Tubs

It is amazing how dirty flower tubs can get and washing them with warm soapy water and a scrubbing brush will soon have them looking like new. Replace any that have become chipped or broken and regroup the pots to add new interest.

5 – Create an Attractive Patio

This can be speedily done using some of the attractive shingles or stones available from garden centres. Before you lay the shingle, you need to cover the grass with special matting that prevents grass and weeds growing through. Once the shingle is in place a set of outdoor chairs and table make it the perfect setting for al fresco meals.

6 – Add Some Pots Filled with Brightly Coloured Flowers

Flower-filled pots are garden essentials in the Mediterranean and work really well adding extra interest and instant colour to your garden. A group of different sized pots on the edge of your patio or on either side of your garden steps really does look great if each pot is filled with bright, colourful flowers. The cluster of pots on the side of the patio is the perfect place to grow herbs too. If you have a chosen colour theme, consider painting any plain terracotta pots to match.

7 – Create a Vegetable Patch

If you have an unused flower bed or a spare piece of lawn, why not convert it into a vegetable patch? There is something rather special about picking your own fresh vegetables for dinner and some of them including beans, tomatoes, lettuces and many of the herbs are remarkably easy to grow.

8 – Create a Rockery!

If you have a garden that is looking rather dull, a rockery is quite easy to create from a mound of soil and some interesting lumps of stone which can be bought in garden centres. There are some lovely plants that thrive well on your rockery including Alpine flowers– ask for guidance from your garden centre. Aubretia, bell flowers and pinks are just a few of the many flowers that are ideally suited

9 – Encourage the Bees and Butterflies!

As well as adding colour to your garden, there are many flowers that definitely encourage insects and butterflies which is always a good thing to do. Daisies, lavender, asters and zinnias are all popular with bees as are many of the herbs including oregano and mint. Alyssum, delphinium, lilac and day lily are all good plants to have if you love butterflies.

10 – Add Some Hanging Baskets

Hanging baskets always look lovely at the front of the house, but be creative and hang some from the lower branches of your trees in the back garden too. Choose brightly coloured flowers and you will see how eye catching they look. If time is short, ready-made ones are widely available and few people can tell the difference!

11 – Buy Some New Plants

You will probably find that there will be a few places where some new plants can be added. For extra impact, instead of adding a single plant, add three of the same plant as this helps to add a real splash of colour. Add colour and texture to flowerbeds with something different like silver ragwort – but be warned, this one constantly needs a trim!

By the time you have completed the final stage, you will be feeling more than delighted with how your gardens are looking – and rightly so!

Throughout the summer, try and maintain their tidiness by trimming plants and regularly dead-heading flowers but also ensure that you regularly water them plus your hanging baskets – adding some nutrition to the water once a week.

Not only will you enjoy the fresh new feel of your spruced up garden, but if you are selling your home it will show it in the best light too. Nearly half of all property buyers rate outside space a ‘major consideration’ when considering their next purchase.

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