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Choosing the Best Moving Company When Selling

Whether you are moving to another town or next door choosing the right moving company makes a difference. Relocating can be an exhaustive affair right from packing boxes to lugging them in and out of vans and into the new home. Therefore, it is always better to choose a moving company to take that burden off your shoulders, so that you can concentrate more on organising your new home.

Moving Company Checklist

When choosing a moving company it’s worth checking whether that company is a member of BAR (British Association of Removers). This will mean that they’ve met the association’s criteria on training, capacity, insurance, and experience. Apart from this, there are few other points to consider when choosing a moving company.

  • Make sure you get a number of professional quotes well in advance of the completion date. The quotation process could take up to a couple of weeks so it’s better to give yourself enough time. It is always better to ask for the estimate to be broken down so that you can see how much you would be paying for packing, insurance, mileage, hourly rate, and any storage cost. This will help you in making an accurate comparison. It will also be beneficial to find out if the overtime rates apply and if yes then what time do they start.
  • Once you get the quote, check on the service you will receive, and when will the company be able to conduct the move. Most of the large moving companies also offer packing services as well which you could take full advantage of if you’re pushed for time.
  • Before booking any moving company ensure that they have an adequate insurance cover against any breakage, loss or delay in the move to your property. If you have high-value possessions, check if special packing is offered and if they will be covered under the company insurance.
  • Negotiate on the price, check if you can get any discount from the moving company. The prices are typically on the higher side during peak days such as weekends and school holidays so you could aim for a weekday move where there is more wiggle room for a discount.
  • Getting a recommendation from friends and family takes away much uncertainty of using a rogue moving firm.

Once you have chosen the moving company, it will be really helpful to send them a inventory sheet that lists all the items that need special packing, large furniture, difficult to move items, and possibly the floor plan of the new property so that they can put boxes in the correct rooms.

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