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Getting Your Garden Ready for the Summer Selling Season

According to market trends, properties sold during the summer months tend to sell at a higher price than those sold in the dark and gloomy winter season. This could be due to the number one rule when selling a property that is first impressions count.

It’s been noted that most buyers decide whether they are going to make an offer or not before they reach the hallway of the property. This could mean that the aesthetic appeal of the garden is essential when it comes to selling your home.

Therefore, it is essential that you spruce up the garden with some colours, lush green hedges, and new blooms to make it ready for the summer selling season!

How can you make your garden more attractive?

Below are a few simple tips to make your garden fully pepped up and summer ready.

  • A thorough cleaning of the debris and the garden waste is a must. It is also essential to get rid of weeds, dead or unwanted plants to make it look neater.
  • Before you start planting new flowers, it is important to get the exterior of the garden walls repaired. Check for any cracks in the exterior walls, broken gates or any damaged fence panels. If you have a greenhouse, it’s a great idea to give it a good wash and clean. Use disinfectant on the benches, floors, and the inside of the glass to kill pests and associated diseases.
  • Getting the garden back to a picturesque green and healthy state isn’t a quick job, make sure that you mow the lawn regularly and trim the hedges back into shape.
  • Your next step is to prep the garden soil by adding manure or organic compost to help your plants get the much needed nutrients to bloom and flourish in the summer months.
  • Plant seeds and bulbs that germinate in the summer months such as lilies and gladiolus.
  • Create an attractive sitting area in your garden by introducing garden furniture or set yourself a challenge and revamp some old furniture by giving it a fresh layer of paint in a vibrant colour.

This is not a definitive list, depending on your budget and time you can do a lot more to give your garden more appeal in the summer.

Ultimately, it’s your creativity and efficient use of space that can make even the simplest of gardens look great and ready for the summer selling season.

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