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Garden Inspiration for Summer from Pinterest

With Summer finally upon us (and it’s been a long wait!) a lot of people feel the need to give their garden a make over. We take a look at the best gardens from Pinterest and how you can get your own unique style.

These additions to your garden might just help you sell your house fast as well!

Cracked Log Lamps

Cracked Log Lamps - Garden Ideas for Summer
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These amazing garden lamps are designed by Duncan Meerding and are perfect for long summer nights in the garden. Made from tree logs these enviroment friendly lamps keep light polution to a minimum and last surpirsingly long.

You can also use these lamps as a table or stool as they have been designed to bear as much weight as possible. If you’re looking to light up your garden I would look into getting these.

Marbles Infused Fence

Marbles Infused Fence Summer Garden Ideas
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This genius idea from Garden Drama can expand the range of colours in your garden. By drilling holes into your fence and placing in marbles the holes will allow sunlight to pass through them thus creating a beautful effect of the sunlight changing colour.

Get creative and make a meandering pattern to go the extra mile!

Mirrors and Nature

Nature and Mirrors by Lee Borthwick
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These mirror designs were inspired by artist Lee Borthwick, he installed these mirrors to offer a sense of peace and self-reflection.

Having mirrors in your garden can make it seem endless, a great idea if you want to have a placebo effect for Summer.

Water Paradise

Water Paradise Garden Ideas for Summer
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Now this is unique! This garden has been designed around a large pond with an cozy pit with cushions for you to soak up the Summer sun. This garden also features grass walkways and colourful plant islands.

A great idea but how practicle is this garden?

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole Summer Garden Ideas
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This garden tunnel found at Alnwick Castle looks amazing in Summer as the light penetrates through. This has a very Alice in Wonderland feel and give your garden a real fairy tale vibe.

A testament to individualism and unique ideas.

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