How To Take Great Property Photography

Why You Should Take Great Pictures Of Houses When Selling

Estate Agent photography is key when selling your home so try to attract those web-savvy homebuyers with quality pictures.

With more people searching for their next property online with various property portals, such as Zoopla, Rightmove and OnTheMarket, great photographs are increasingly becoming essential in marketing a house.

Brighten Up That Room With These Simple Design Tips

It’s a good idea to keep the floor dark and the walls bright & vibrant. When taking your pictures it will give off the appearance that the room is larger and brighter!

Mirror usage is also key for good property photos, helping bounce the light all around the room, creating a lighter environment.

Keeping colours neutral will make the room feel larger and of course lighter. Trimming foliage around the windows will also help light seep into the room.

Make Sure You Turn Your Room Into A Showcase

Make your home a stage. You want to show off how spacious your home is, not what is in the immediate vicinity.

Make the area spotless, move away toys if you have children, and any other clutter that you would not want to see in a marketing photo!

You can add a few items that will make the room look more filled, less bare, and brighter. Such as a vase of colourful flowers – we suggest a red and yellow colour scheme.

How To Take Great Property Photography Exterior Property Photographs

While Taking A Picture Of A House Choose The Best Angles And Compositions

Many professional photographers claim the best way to showcase a room is by shooting from a doorway or room corner. The reason for this being is that it gives off the effect that the room is more spacious than it actually is due to the shot being less narrow.

If you’re taking shots of your homes exterior make sure there are no objects obscuring the view, and as with your home interior stand at an angle when taking the snap.

Take plenty of photos as you might not be happy with the images while trying to find the best angle that represents your home. Try not to be too deceptive when taking photographs as you don’t want to wrongly market your home.

A tip for estate agents; if you’re taking photos of properties, it would be wise to invest in a Digital SLR camera.

Use The Post Production Time To Touch Up The Photographs

Touching up a picture of a house can give you that extra wow factor. Crop, brightness, contrast and colours can be changed in photo editing software such as Photoshop. It’s relatively straight forward to edit pictures and can give your property a huge marketing boost.

Following these tips will help you maximise the value of your home and help you get a quick house sale. Comment below with what you think could potentially help you sell your house fast.

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