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Turn Your Home into a Romantic Love Nest This Valentine’s Day!

All the fun of Christmas seems a long way away, January has been cold and grey and February threatens to be much the same, so why not have some fun this year and celebrate St Valentine’s Day by giving your home a warm romantic feel and showing how much you love your other half?

Create a Romantic Feature

Transform your hall table, coffee table or wall unit into a Valentine centrepiece. Cover the top with a white or silver cloth. Decorate an assortment of evergreen branches in a large vase with hanging decorations of small wooden hearts. Place the vase in the centre of the table and place small photographs of those you love all around. Add various different sized red candles in glass holders and scatter some foil covered heart-shaped biscuits or chocolates across the cloth with some red heart-shaped confetti.

Another lovely idea is to place a planter in the fireplace or on a table with the name of your loved one spelt out by the houseplants!

Give a Nice Romantic Feel to Your Sitting Room

Scatter red cushions on the sofa or add a central cushion with a large heart motif to your collection of cushions. If you have a scarlet throw, drape it across one end of the sofa or decorate a different coloured one with a large hand made heart saying ‘Happy Valentine’s Day. Place a scarlet box of boutique tissues on the coffee table and hang small wooden hearts off your houseplants and some dishes of heart-shaped chocolates or gingerbread.

Prepare Lunch Box Surprises!

Give your partner and children a surprise in their lunch box! Sandwiches can be heart-shaped and a red paper napkin decorated with a paper heart declaring ‘I love you’ in a different language such as Je t’aime (French) Ich liebe dich (German) or Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu (Japanese) plus the correct number of kiss and hug symbols, will certainly make them smile!

Transform Your Dining Room Table

Cover the table with a plain white cloth and place a scarlet runner along the length of the table. Lay the table for two with a vase of pretty greenery and some red roses and a group of short red candles displayed in an assortment of glass dishes. Tie matching length of silver and scarlet ribbon into pretty bows around the stem of each wine glass and two rolled white napkins – each with a packet of Love Hearts on the top! Sprinkle some heart shaped confetti or chocolates between the place settings.

Design a Beautiful Dinner for Two

Make it a special meal with three courses. Be creative throughout! If you are serving soup as a starter, draw a heart in cream on the top. If you are planning a seafood cocktail, a cocktail stick with a small heart in paper with your initials on is fun. The main course if it includes rice or mashed potato can be served in a heart shape and of course for the dessert, mini heart-shaped pavolvas topped with cream and red fruit will be a winner! If you prefer cheese and biscuits, cut the cheese into heart shapes! Don’t forget to dress the wine bottle with silver and scarlet bows and have the songs you regard as ‘your songs’ ready to play!

Make Your Bedroom Your ‘Love Nest’

Have fun giving your bedroom a romantic ‘makeover’ by adding cushions to your bed – heart-shaped, red or ones with romantic slogans on. Throw a scarlet throw across the bed and hang a string of hearts across the headboard. Change your light bulbs for romantic ‘golden glow’ ones. A single rose on your partner’s pillow or a romantic poem or saying is the perfect final touch.

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