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What Should You Look for When Employing a Conveyancer?

A conveyancer or solicitor handles all the legal aspects of buying and selling a property. There are many things that you want from your conveyancing firm. As a client, you look for impeccable service, clear communication, and a platform where your concerns can be heard and solutions can be provided.

However, can you really find all of these qualities in a conveyancer?

Of course you can!

Below we have listed a few points for what you should consider when employing a conveyancer.

What do solicitors and licensed conveyancers do?

There are many ways to find a conveyancer, you can use a comparison website, or use services of an estate agent/property buyer nominated conveyancer or simply find your conveyancer on Google.

Whatever you opt for, just consider the following tips:

  • Most conveyancing transactions are now done over the phone, post, email, or Skype. In fact, some law-firms have extended hours to meet the client’s demands and are available over the weekends or later in the evening. So, if you’re looking for flexibility, ask if such requirements can be met before you make a decision.
  • Make a full breakdown of fees and check for any hidden costs to ensure that you pay what has been quoted to you. Conveyancers may add some hidden fees to the quote which may include; buying with a mortgage, completing SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) form, buying an unregistered property, verifying your identity, and purchasing a new build property. So, be aware of additional costs.
  • Ensure that you give the conveyancer adequate information when asking for a quote and take note if there are any additional fees. Essential if you don’t want to get caught halfway through the transaction.
  • It’s also important for your conveyancer to confirm what he/she can do for you and what they cannot.
  • Research and choose a firm that specialises in conveyancing. Check the firm’s reputation by asking them how many conveyancing transactions they have handled, etc.
  • If you’re buying a property with a mortgage, check with the conveyancer if they are on the lender’s panel of solicitors.

Lastly, speak to family and friends when looking for recommendations as they might be able to snag you a deal for referring a client.

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