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Selling in the Autumn Market

As the summer season finishes up and we all begin to return to normality after a fun-filled summer break, shifting a house might seem like an onerous task.

However, did you know that autumn is actually a great time of the year for selling a property? As people with children know a new term is beginning at school, many buyers may think of purchasing a new home at this time too. Many of them want to celebrate Christmas in their new property and hence plan to move during the period between the middle of August and October.

So, if you want to sell your property in the autumn market here are a few tips which can make things easier for you.

Make sure your home looks fresher

During the summer months since kids are at home the chances of your carpet getting dirty are high. Get professional cleaning done and remove the worn out flooring or carpet if any. Make things tidy and clear up the clutter which kids would have left around during their summer break.

Clean up the garden

We all know that the garden can be one of the hottest selling points of a property. Make sure that the grass is neatly cut and the weeds are removed. Get rid of fallen leaves and make sure to do it once again before the viewing since tree leaves tend to fall more in the autumn.

To add some autumn colour to your garden, buy some seasonal plants to make it more lively and bright.

Make your home look brighter

As the light at night, you’ll need to make sure that you present your home in the best light possible. So make your home shine by opening up all the blinds and curtains, hang some mirrors to reflect brightness, throw in some bright cushions, and you may also consider installing some extra bulbs or lamps.

You could also use energy saving bulbs, but then you will have to make sure that they are switched on well before the viewing so that they brighten up the place by that time.

Ensure the property is cosy and warm

During autumn the days and nights get a little chilly so you need to make sure that your heating is on at least half hour before the viewing begins. Making sure the heating is on before the viewing time will make the property warm and inviting.

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