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London is a unique city, there is a lot of hustle and bustle and the city is alive 24 hours a day. The unfortunate side of having so much culture with London also has some of the highest property prices in the UK. This can make it an unaffordable location to live and problems such as debt can quickly spiral meaning you may need help selling property in London.

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Why is London so different from other cities?

London street The London property market doesn’t always reflect the rest of the UK market and supply and demand is also different to the rest of the country. There can be a lot of converted properties or issue with short leaseholds as well as a high turnover rate of the housing marketing in the area.

High property Values

The capital’s only got a limited supply and with large demand, it will continue to push the price up though. According to the ONS the city has seen less growth recently in comparison to the rest of the country. There is a lot of investors buying up properties in the city which again will reduce the available stock of housing available. Developers have converted a lot of older buildings into a variety of apartments styles and sizes, small flats can be tricky to sell especially when they don’t conform to all the nessaserry planning permissions. The order requires fewer planning permissions which can result in longer-term problems. This can be expected to continue with the low housing supply in the London market


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Leasehold homes problems in London

london flatsTypically a lease will span between 95/100 years but it can 999 years or just 1 year with a short lease property being a very big problem and they can be expensive to update. Restrictions on leases can be problematic requiring the freeholder to approve any changes to the property. It often puts buyers off a property which can make it a harder building to sell in London.

The cladding scandal has left a lot of leaseholders with a property they cannot sell or cannot get a mortgage on as well. Large costs in maintenance and ground rent make this an unmanageable system for many.

A property chain in London can be problematic especially if one has fallen through it can ruin the whole process when trying to sell your house in London or the surrounding area. Sales seem to fall through more often which maybe attributed to some of the more unique elements of the property marketing in London. Sometimes you may run into issues trying to sell a house fast in London with elements like shared access which occurs when multiple properties share a driveway or similar. It complicates sale processes but may face issues from people who share the same property, whilst It can happen through England it’s particularly common in the capital.

Common situations

We Buy HousesThere can be a variety of personal circumstances or reasons you need to sell your house and we’ve all been in similar situations before. Common problems from Debt & repossession to wanting to emigrate. It could even be you’ve inherited a London house and you just want a quick sale. We’ve health with every sort of circumstance you can think of across the United Kingdom and London. We offer no-obligation help, we are one of the top UK property buyers.

Best ways to sell house fast London:

Private Sale: A very uncommon way to sell a property but it is possible to directly sell to someone but you’ll find it difficult to source buyers, there is very little legal protection around doing it this way although you will cut out fees associated with auctions and estate agencies. You’ll have to arrange your own solicitor and surveyor also and there is every chance the sale may fall through.

Property auction: Auction GavelYou can sell nearly any property to an auction but it’s not guaranteed to sell. There will be legal fees and the final price is not known until the hammer falls. The whole process can take months and you are restricting who will be able to purchase the property as generally auctions are limited to cash buyers and not e.g. first time buyers.

Estate agent: This is the most typical property sale where your property will be listed on the open market. It can take some time to complete the process from start until you exchange contracts. There will be estate agent fees and any solicitor fees for using this more traditional service. You will most likely get the best price this way but there is also a chance the sale may fall through before the compilation date is reached.

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Cash buyer: We don’t mean a private sale which is generally arranged without a third party. We refer to property buyers with cash funds who will be able to quickly buy any property and ensure the process remains as hassle-free as possible. Due to how the process works you would not get full market value this way but there are zero fees to pay and you can get a free cash offer with no obligation.

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Why sell to us?

We’ve dealt with a lot of customers and we’re the best fast property buyer in the UK. We offer a hassle-free service that’s discrete and ends with a guaranteed fast sale in any time frame to suit you. There are no hidden fees so the quote we give you is the cash offer you will receive once contracts are exchanged.

We can help in some of the following London areas: Barking, Barnet Brent Bromley Camden Croydon Enfield Greenwich Guildford Hammersmith and Fulham and many more just get in touch. There a lot of boroughs in London (32) in a very large area (over 600 miles) there are a few main areas of London covered and we can help in any of them – Central, North, South, West and East London. From Haringey to Sutton, Bexley to Ealing – we’ve got you covered!

How do we compare to estate agents?

We are able to buy a property in a week or two compared to the months its takes estate agents. There are zero fees and you are in complete control through the process and we would be happy to help with any concerns you have.FAQ under a Mag glass


Do you need a credit check?

We’re cash buyers so we need no credit or mortgage applications are in order. There are no fees and we give a no-obligation cash offer.

What value will the property buying company give?

Generally, you will not receive full market value, you will get between 70-80% of the value of the property and companies saying they’ll give you 100% should be heavily scrutinized.

Will there be a for sale sign?

No unlike estate agents selling your house we will not put a for sale sign up and no one will come to your house. A surveyor may be required to confirm the condition but we offer a very discrete service.

How long does it take?

Once you fill in the online form someone will be in touch very quickly to confirm your details and give you a free valuation. If you decided to accept the quote paperwork will start to be drawn up and a surveyor (no cost to you) will be sent to confirm what you’ve told us.

If everything matches up an official offer. We will instruct solicitors to confirm the paperwork and contracts can be exchanged shortly after. The whole process can be done in a few days or a longer completion date can be arranged if you require more time, we are flexible to your needs through the entire process.

What kind of property will you buy?

We can buy any kind of property in any state/condition. We can buy houses or flats, bungalows etc. and we’re also able to buy land and commercial properties in some circumstances. We are able to buy properties with tenants in situ as well. Get in touch with our customer care team to find out more.

What’s the benefit of a cash buyer?

Compared to an estate agent or an auctioneer we’ve fewer drawbacks asides from the price. You will be guaranteed an offer and there will be no chance of a sale falling through. There will be no fee’s and you will be able to get in touch whenever you like.

How can I trust you?

Whilst the quick sale industry is not regulated we are members or organisations like:

NAPB and The Property Ombudsman logo

There are policy and complaint processes, you can also look at our reviews to see previous customers we’ve helped. If you do have concerns please do get in touch and we would be happy to help alleviate any fears you have.

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