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Selling a Probate Property – a Quick Guide

Probate is simply the way in which somebody is given permission to deal with an estate (a property and belongings) of somebody who has died. Very often the person dealing with Probate is a relative of the deceased and this can make things quite difficult at an already upsetting time.

A solicitor will help with everything if preferred but bear in mind that fees can be quite high.

Probate Selling Guide

As a quick guide these are some of the main things that need to be done;

  • An application for Probate must be made and this can take some week or even months depending upon just how complex the estate is. However, if there is a property to sell it can be marketed in this time but you won’t be able to complete the transaction until Probate is granted.
  • Everything must be transparent and documented. You will need to get a number of valuations of the property.
  • You’ll need to make sure that the property is maintained and secure so consider locks, alarms, heating, the roof condition and anything else that may cause an issue. You’ll need to insure the home and advise the insurer of the circumstances. If it is empty, make sure they are aware.
  • Sign up for HM Land Registry Property Alerts. It’s terrible to think, but some fraudsters prey on Probate property and attempt to change the Title or even raise a mortgage on it. Property Alerts will contact you if anybody tried to amend the Title.

It can be a daunting task, especially at a difficult time but there is plenty of help available and a lot of information online. The link below has all you need to know about selling a Probate property.

The definitive selling a Probate guide.

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