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How Many Are Now Turning to Homeworking

With the seemingly unstoppable rise and rise of UK house prices (nearly £20,000 went on to the average property last year) it’s little wonder that many are looking to supplement their income by choosing to work from home – hardly suprising given that wage increases haven’t kept pace with property inflation for many years now.

So, working from home isn’t just for the chosen few, it’s an economic necessity for thousands.

In addition, many women look to finding less conventional ways of earning money once they have children, yet it is possible to have a career AND be at home with the children. Working from home also means they can be more flexible with the hours they do around school times and holidays.

People out of work can potentially earn good money from home whilst looking for a job. Shift-workers can also benefit from the flexibility that a home business offers. Working just 5-10hrs per week also fits well alongside existing work or family commitments.

And a lot of people are doing it. According to a recent Office for National Statistics survey there are 4.2 million UK home workers.

This amounts to a staggering 14% of the workforce.

Home working isn’t just for the entrepreneur either, there are many existing models that can be joined so it isn’t essential to wait for that light bulb moment.

However, most existing home business opportunities require some form of registration, typically around £100. This will include everything you need to get started, all your training and usually a website too.


For those that are prepared to follow the training and put the effort in, this can be earned back fairly quickly. Make sure you ask what’s included in the fee and that the earning opportunity is realistic.

But what if you don’t have the confidence or think you lack the skills? Well, any reputable company will have all the training you need to help you succeed.

We’d recommend reading reviews of any new venture and talking to as many people as possible before committing, but with the right system and work ethic there is no doubt that home working is the property buying solution for many.

With thanks to Mike Beeston of Utility Warehouse for data provision. Further information on home working opportunities at The Utility Warehouse or @mike_beeston.

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