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4 Things Every Home Selling Parents Should Invest In

Don’t rely on buoyant property market conditions to get your family home sold.

To sell your house fast and achieve the best price it is vital to present your home in the best possible way.

So if you are just about to go on the market or your house has been sitting on an agents books for longer than you’d like, take a good long look at the property as if you were seeing it for the first time.

Look from the street – is there anything that can be improved?

Inside, is it clean and tidy?

Is the back garden attractive?

Once you’ve had a good look around you may need;

  1. Carpet Cleaning (from just £25 room) – A professional clean will get your carpets looking like new again meaning buyers won’t need to budget thousands to replace them. That’s thousands that they can then add to their offer!

  3. A CD (from £5) – Match background music to your home. A cool bachelor pad might suit some groovy jazz but a country cottage something classical. Create the right mood when buyers walk in. It works – that’s why shops play music.

  5. Air Fresheners (from £1) – Every home has it’s unique aroma but chances are, you won’t notice your own. Play it safe by installing discreet air fresheners around the place, especially if you have pets – aim for Lavender, not Labrador.

  7. Cinema Tickets (from £5) – Kick the kids out when you have a viewing. Aim to have as few people there as possible and ideally none – let the agent do it, it’s why you pay them. Let buyers walk around calmly and not when you’re just in the middle of uncorking that night’s supper.

Let buyers see your home as a blank canvas and they will project themselves living there much more easily.

Sit back and wait for the offer to roll in. Now, where was that Pinot?

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About the author

Starting his career in Estate Agency, Jeff quickly moved up the ranks to manage his own office for Halifax Property Services. Co-founding Speed Property Buyers in 2008, he has applied this knowledge and overseen rapid expansion of the business.