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6 Ways to Sell in August

Hot days, school holidays and holidays overseas, it’s easy to see why estate agents refer to ‘Awful August’. There are far fewer buyers about.

But much like the English Summer, every cloud has a silver lining. There are fewer properties up for sale during August meaning you’ll have a greater chance of tempting a buyer. So make the most of it by following some of our top tips for selling.

How to Beat Awful August

  1. Dress for Summer. Buyers love to see a home that’s inviting, so if you have a garden, make sure its neat, the plants are watered and the furniture is out. Help a buyer imagine themselves sitting back and enjoying hot Summer days there.
  2. Stay Cool Man. Before your viewings, open windows and doors to cool the house down. Keep curtains closed during the day to keep some of the heat out. Avoid using the oven before or during a viewing.
  3. Keep It Clean. Let the sun shine through the windows, so make sure they’re washed regularly.
  4. Be Flexible. Hot days and long days mean buyers want to view during the evening – try to fit in.
  5. Check Your Image. Look at the photos your agent is using and if the show trees with no leaves or snow on the lawn get them round to update them.
  6. And If You Can’t Beat Them… There’s no doubt August is a tough month to sell in. Consider taking the property off the market, giving it a rest and book a holiday for yourself, you deserve it!

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About the author

Starting his career in Estate Agency, Jeff quickly moved up the ranks to manage his own office for Halifax Property Services. Co-founding Speed Property Buyers in 2008, he has applied this knowledge and overseen rapid expansion of the business.