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Older Property vs Modern Property

Choosing a property, whether you want to purchase or rent it’s always a big decision to make. Therefore, it’s important that you make the correct choice so that you don’t regret it later. In the UK, because of our long history, there are many period homes as well as more modern and new property. Below we have drawn a comparison for you between older and modern properties so that you can make an informed decision.

Lifestyle vs unique appeal

A modern built flat comes with a lot of extras, in other words, modern day facilities like communal spaces, fitness area, shops, and security features to suit the modern buyer. These features have become a norm with modern-day developments and offer convenience and luxury to the residents.

However, with period homes, they are unique in their own sense. Most of these older properties include period architectural features such as cornicing, fireplaces, and windows as well as high ceilings and character.

However, in case you want to alter any of these period features to suit your requirements then it can often result in conservation issues due to listed building. On the other hand, in modern homes, a buyer is more than likely to be able to make changes to the features of a new home without much hassle.

High quality vs timeless appeal

The fixtures and fittings in a newly built property could be of the highest quality as new technology and modern materials are used, theoretically, making them less susceptible to wear and tear. Also modern-day homes are built with the latest safety practices and are normally more energy efficient, which will save you on bills.

On the other hand, period properties come with older features which are not as per the current trends giving the property a unique feel. However, they offer an opportunity to add or replace fittings as per the requirements. Those who want to experience the charm of that bygone era than going in for these timeless masterpieces is definitely the answer.


New houses are built all over the country but if you are looking for picturesque surroundings then a period property maybe just fit the bill for you if location is the number one priority.

Also by the virtue of being built a long time ago, older properties have secured some of the most sought-after locations which are normally well-connected to major transport links.


New build properties offer a chain-free acquisition, meaning there were no previous owners therefore making the process of buying the property seamless compared to buying older properties where there could have been multiple owners.

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