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How Can You Make Your Home More Secure?

No one wants to return home to find out that they have been burgled. Most of the people have their own small ways of protecting their home like; latching all doors, closing all windows before going to bed or leaving lights open when they go out at the night. However, there is always a risk of getting burgled in case you fail to take certain security measures.

So, below we have compiled a few ways by which you can make your home more secure.

  1. Outside – A thick prickly hedge or a mature climbing rose can act as a natural deterrent. Keep ladders and garden tools out of sight or locked away. If outbuilding or a garden shed is visible from the road, then ensure that the shed has a sturdy door and tough locks. Apart from that easy-to-fit motion-sensitive lights and CCTV can also be installed to monitor the shed front door.
  2. Doors – Ensure that front, back or entrance door is good quality wood that can withstand force. Find a door that has metal plates around the lock and has a viewer at eye level so that you can see who is calling is an ideal option. Security experts also suggest mortise locks on the door which can be opened only with keys, so that even if the burglar smashes the glass panel he will not be able to open the door lock. Security can be boosted further by fitting bolts at the bottom or top of all external doors, including French doors and Patios.
  3. Windows – Windows that face the street with little or no lighting will have to be secured properly. Experts recommend fitting locks and bolts that secure the frames together, thus making them harder to force open. Mortice rack bolts unlocked and locked internally with a key are recommended.
  4. Alarms – Numerous choices are available for security alarms and the prices vary accordingly. From alarms that go off when there is movement inside or to alarms that have a trip beam that automatically links to the police, there are many options. However, no matter what alarm you fit; make sure the red “bell box” is clearly visible.
  5. Insurance – Make sure that your home insurance is up-to-date and covers all your belongings. If possible take photos of your valuables so that it is easier to claim in case of an unforeseen incident.

Apart from the above, there are more ways to secure home, especially when you are away, such as:

  • Set timers to turn on lights, televisions, and radios at random times.
  • Ask neighbours to make occasional visits.
  • Cancel deliveries, and ask a neighbour to take the parcels instead.
  • Trim bushes and lawns so that they don’t appear overgrown and let people know you live there!

We hope these tips give you comfort and peace of mind when leaving your property vacant. Stay safe!

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