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Ask Susan is a reputable company that specialises in providing a quick house sale service. Their streamlined process ensures a swift transaction, with properties typically selling within a week after the offer has been accepted. One of the advantages of working with Ask Susan is their efficient online system. Upon filling out an online form, you can expect to receive a competitive offer within just one day, eliminating the need for time-consuming property visits.

While Ask Susan is recognised and registered by the National Landlord Association, it is important to note that they are not currently affiliated with the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) or The Property Ombudsman. Despite this, Ask Susan maintains a strong track record and a commitment to providing excellent customer service throughout the selling process.

By choosing Ask Susan, you can take advantage of their quick turnaround time and convenient online approach, allowing you to sell your property efficiently and hassle-free. Their experienced team is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transaction, helping you achieve your goals in a timely manner.


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Ask Susan,
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0800 612 4143
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Who is Ask Susan?


Ask Susan, a small company with over 12 years of experience in the quick house sale industry, is headquartered in Macclesfield. Despite their small size, they have made a nationwide impact by offering their services across the country. With a strong focus on customer satisfaction, Ask Susan specialises in purchasing properties in any condition, making them an ideal choice for homeowners looking for a quick and hassle-free sale.

One of the notable aspects of Ask Susan’s approach is their genuine interest in properties that are at risk of repossession. They understand the challenges faced by homeowners in such situations and are dedicated to providing a viable solution. By offering a fair cash offer, they aim to alleviate the stress and uncertainty associated with repossession, offering homeowners a lifeline during difficult times.

With Ask Susan, you can benefit from their extensive experience, national coverage, and willingness to buy properties in any condition. Whether you’re dealing with a distressed property or facing the risk of repossession, their professional team is committed to delivering a prompt and efficient sale process. By choosing Ask Susan, you can have confidence in their expertise and their ability to provide a tailored solution that meets your specific needs.

What services does Ask Susan provide?


Ask Susan stands out from the competition by utilising their own funds to facilitate property purchases. By eliminating the involvement of middleman investors, they can streamline the entire process and offer an impressively fast turnaround time of just 7 days. This means you can swiftly complete the sale and access the funds you need without any unnecessary delays.

One of the key advantages of working with Ask Susan is their willingness to buy properties in any condition. Whether you’re dealing with a property at risk of repossession or a house that encountered difficulties through the traditional estate agent route, Ask Susan is prepared to make a cash offer. Their flexible approach ensures that you have a viable solution, regardless of the challenges you may be facing.

When it comes to selling your house quickly and efficiently, Ask Susan’s direct cash buying service is designed to provide you with a hassle-free experience. With their own resources at hand and a commitment to purchasing properties in any condition, they are well-equipped to handle even the most complex situations, offering you a swift and convenient solution that puts cash in your hands without unnecessary complications.

How does it work with Ask Susan?


To start the process with Ask Susan, simply complete the form available on their website, providing the necessary details about your property. Rest assured, this step is entirely without obligation. Following your submission, their dedicated team of specialists will carefully review your request and promptly provide you with a personalised offer via email.

One notable advantage of working with Ask Susan is their commitment to a transparent and no-fee service. Not only will they handle all the legal costs associated with the transaction, but you can also proceed with the sale without worrying about any additional charges or hidden fees.

Once you have accepted the offer, Ask Susan will swiftly proceed with the necessary arrangements. From exchanging contracts to completing the final paperwork, their efficient team will guide you through the entire process. And here’s the best part – within a mere 7 days, you can expect the funds from the sale to be securely transferred to your designated account.

By choosing Ask Susan, you can confidently embark on a seamless and expedited journey to sell your property, all while enjoying the convenience of a hassle-free experience and a quick financial turnaround.

Ask Susan reviews


Ask Susan has been reviewed across several different platforms and we’ve summarised them below.



Google Trustpilot
Average rating of 2.3 stars Average rating of 4.9 stars Average rating of 3.2
6 Reviews 104 reviews 1
3 1☆ star reviews 0 1☆star reviews  1 1☆star reviews 
0 3☆ star review and below 0 3☆ star reviews and below 1 3☆ star reviews and below


  • Ask Susan offers no-fee service
  • Ask Susan provides cash offers within 24 hours and sales can be completed within a week.
  • Ask Susan buys properties in any condition, including houses at risk of repossession.
  • Their service is nationwide.


  • Their website says that they can pay up to 100% market value but most likely you will receive an offer that is below market value. It is not clear how they make a profit if they are able to pay 100% market value for the property.
  • There is no email address or phone number on their website.
  • Ask Susan doesn’t offer 24/7 service which can be frustrating when the sale process is so quick.
  • Customers that were not happy with the service provided by Ask Susan left a number of negative reviews.
  • Ask Susan is not accredited by The Property Ombudsman nor a member of NAPB, meaning, they don’t have to stand by the guidelines provided by them.
  • Ask Susan uses surveyors that are not accredited by the  Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors to value your house. This means you may not receive an offer that reflects the real value of your property.

Our Thoughts:

Ask Susan is a highly regarded company specialising in direct cash property purchases. With their streamlined service, they aim to complete the entire process in as little as 7 days, ensuring a quick and hassle-free transaction. However, it would be beneficial to have more comprehensive information regarding the step-by-step process they follow to achieve such efficiency.

One intriguing aspect of Ask Susan’s offering is their ability to provide offers of up to 100% of the market value. While this claim may raise questions about their valuation methods, it certainly presents an enticing prospect for sellers seeking maximum returns on their property.

When considering Ask Susan’s reputation, it is important to note that reviews on official platforms present a mixed picture. While some customers have shared positive experiences, it seems that these instances are relatively few in number. It would be prudent for potential sellers to conduct further research and explore additional sources of feedback to gain a more comprehensive understanding of others’ encounters with the company.

Despite the mixed reviews, Ask Susan remains a viable option for those looking for a swift and direct cash property sale. Taking advantage of their services could potentially provide sellers with a convenient and expedited solution to their property needs.


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What they're (USP) offering:Fast house selling service
No fuss service
Most trusted UK quick home buyerFast advice and salesGarunteed best price NAPB ApprovedAdviceCustomers say they would recommend themFastest sale time: 7 days
Use RICS accredited surveyors
Buy in any conditionNAPB approvedCan buy land and commercialMember of NLANo hidden feesNAPB and TPO aprovedUse RICS accredited surveyorsSale within 28 daysNAPB approvedRegistered with The Property OmbudsmanRegistered with the Property OmbudsmanNAPB approvedRegistered with The Property OmbudsmanNo hidden feesRegistered with The Property OmbudsmanMembers of NAPBMarket research
The GoodCan buy property faster than estate agentsFounder of NAPBQuick to get a quoteNAPB aproovedNAPB ApprovedOffering adviceHave been running for more than 5 years.No fees to payPersonal approachFlexible timeframesUp to 90% market valueNo feesAvailable 24/7Cash offer in 24h.Available 24/7Cash offer in 24hMany good reviewsNo feesHelpline available up until 10 pmNo feesNo feesAvailable 24/7Available 24/7No feesAvailable 24/7
The BadNot able to offer full market valueCan't buy in ScotlandSupport not avalible around the clock Not clear on what price they'll pay.Offers based on condition and locationNot a quick house buyerNot members of the NAPBNo third party reviewsDon't offer 24/7 support. Not many customers'reviewsPhone lines open only between 9am-5pmFewer accreditationsNot clear on what price they'll pay.Offer less than a market value.Not clear on what price they'll pay.Not many good reviewsOnly buy in England and WalesMany poor reviewsNot many reviewsOffer less than market valueNot a member of NAPBFew poor reviewsOffer less than a market value.Not offering full market valueNot members of NAPB

Frequesntly Asked Questions:

How much does Ask Susan pay for a house?

Up to 100%

How long does it take Ask Susan to buy my house?

Claim to complete within a week

What are the costs associated with Ask Susan?

They cover all the fees.

Is Ask Susan part of the NAPB?

No, Ask Susan is not a member.

Is Ask Susan registered with The Property Ombudsman?

No, Ask Susan is not registered with TPO

Is Ask Susan a cash buyer with immediate funds available?


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